Bespoke orders

There is a saying: There are no bad body shapes, there is just unfortunate clothing.

Having ordered an individual tailoring of a dress or a skirt, you will see how a perfectly fitting piece can transform you.

Bespoke tailoring of women’s and men’s clothing with us includes a full range of services, from taking initial measurements to trying on the final product with a specialist.

Our dressmaking studio will do all the work for A+, and you simply have to wear a new outfit and enjoy the compliments!

Thinking about a classic mink coat or a sable cape? Or perhaps a chinchilla jacket? What are you dreaming of this season?

Certainly, fur products could take over our dreams all year round! Our studio can make your dreams come true! We make fur coats and perform alterations of fur clothing, regardless of the type of fur.

Order a fur vest from us and you will have something truly unique!

Our studio guarantees the exclusivity of all creations, their quality and perfect look!

Clothing repairs

Oh, how often we blame ourselves for the clumsiness discovering a hole in a new (or just favourite) skirt. And as always, the timing is so wrong – right before an important event!

Fear not, urgent clothes repairs will bring your item back to life!

We offer all types of clothing repairs: repair of knitwear, fur coats, leather and fur restorations, creative darning. Our atelier will save not only your time, but also money, as keeping clothing repairs reasonably priced is one of our main priorities. Repair services in our studio are affordable to everyone!

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